Studio Specials
*Take advantage of all we have to offer with these new client specials:
$37       7 Days of Bliss (one full week of group classes)           

$279     Bliss Boost (3 private sessions & 3 group classes)        

*New additions
$165     5 BURNS 
Our all new BURN Punch gives you all the good stuff without the monthly commitment.  
(refill as needed, expires 6 months from purchase)         
Studio News 
*Work your booty and get back to work! All 12:30 classes are now 45 minutes, the perfect fit for your lunchtime self care.
*Early Birds, we've got you covered! Please welcome Laurie! Teaching flow yoga, bright and flipping early Wednesdays at 5:30 am, starting in November. (and don't forget our 6:30 am yogas on Tuesday and Thursday)
*We love Halloween! And we plan to enjoy watching our little ones trick or treat. 
4:30, 5:30 and 6 pm classes are canceled October 31. Keep it spooky!
91 East Croy Suite B Hailey ID     208.720.3238