Shana Barry
Melt Method and Pilates Instruction

Shana Barry’s interest in The MELT Method began when she found herself in progressively more pain until it became chronic. The MELT Method gave her tremendous relief right from the start. Allowing her to return to her active life style free of pain. She was inspired to share MELT with others that are living with pain. Shana left her successful career in medical sales to become a MELT certified instructor. Her extensive training for the MELT Method has been directly with Sue Hitzmann, the creator of The MELT Method. Sue went on to write a book on pain free living, a 2013 New York Times best seller, "The MELT Method". Since Shana's training she has helped many people ranging from 7 to 95 years old feel better, eliminate pain and return back to the activities they love. Shana looks forward to MELTing with you.

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