Pure Body Bliss Prop Policy and Pricing


You now must bring your own props to all studio and outside classes! This is for your safety as well as our teachers so we respectfully ask that you honor this. 


For Flow Yoga, Burn and Pilates classes please bring a mat, a set of blocks and a squishy ball


For Restorative Yogas please bring a mat, a set of blocks, a beach towel, and a king size pillow case (to cover your bolster)


Because of the increased need for props we are making studio props available for sale or rental.


A Prop Kit includes: mat 2 blocks, bolster, blanket, King size pillow case and strap


  • For Sale:  $65 without mat or $75 with a mat


  • For Rent $25 per month per kit (you must rent the entire kit)


  • Single Use Rental $15 (you must rent the entire kit)


You can also purchase props singly for the following prices:


2 Blocks                         $13

Blanket                          $15 (Wool, not the mexican ones)

Bolster                           $30 (the big ones, not the small pranayama bolsters)

Strap                              $7

Black roller                   $15.

Mat                                $10 (studio mats, excludes the Lululemon mats)

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